Feedback - Performance Assessment

As part of the feedback, parents will be given the ranking of their child, which will be treated with high confidentiality. It will allow parents to benchmark their child’s performance against other children who took the same exam.

On top of that, overall statistical information by E2S exam centres will also be provided. The marks that students can achieve will be broken down into individual national 11+ categories.

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Exam Experience

By attending an E2S exam centre, your child will get an opportunity to familiarize themselves with similar exam conditions, which they will face during their 11+ examinations. This will assist your child to overcome common fears that they may experience when sitting their first crucial academic exam.

Compared to when your child is sitting a mock exam at home in their own comfort, sitting it in a simulated exam...   

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Core Values




About Us

Exceed To Succeed (E2S) was established in London (October 2017), with the aim to provide students from all backgrounds with high quality exposure to 11 plus mock exams in the subjects of Mathematics and English.

Delivering a simulated environment for children sitting their first life changing exam is our key objective as we believe that practicing to perform under pressure is pivotal to progressing successfully.

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Our Aim

Our team is passionate about education and we want to transfer the same passion to the future leaders of education. We understand and value how every child is different in the way they learn.

We are aware that the 11 plus examinations are their first big hurdle in their educational life. For that reason, we want to contribute to their learning methods and support the child with effective preparation for future examinations.                  

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Our Services

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