About Us

About Us

Exceed To Succeed (E2S) was established in London (October 2017), with the aim to provide students from all backgrounds with high quality exposure to 11 plus mock exams in the subjects of Mathematics and English. Delivering a simulated environment for children sitting their first life changing exam is our key objective as we believe that practicing to perform under pressure is pivotal to progressing successfully. The thought behind the name “Exceed To Succeed” arose from the concept of our business acting as a driving force in encouraging any child to reach their academic potential by overcoming self-set limitations.

The founder of Exceed To Succeed is Thileepaan, a young engineering post graduate with three years of experience in business management in the technology industry and previous volunteering experience in Mathematics Challenge. Getting involved in education has always been one of his main interests since leaving school. His goal was to develop ‘Efficient Learners’ by leading a child through a defined path to a brighter future. He shared his idea and the philosophy behind E2S with two of his university friends; Mithra and Sindu, who are currently completing their postgraduate degree in Mathematics. Both individuals were quickly intrigued by this concept due to the passion they shared for education. Alongside their passion for developing young talents, their expertise gained from Mathematics related degrees (Economics and Financial Mathematics) as well as their experience in tutoring similarly aged children for more than 3 years provided an excellent foundation for Exceed To Succeed.

Our Aim

Our team is passionate about education and we want to transfer the same passion to the future leaders of education. We understand and value how every child is different in the way they learn. We are aware that the 11 plus examinations are their first big hurdle in their educational life. For that reason, we want to contribute to their learning methods and support the child with effective preparation for future examinations. Based on previous academic experience, we understand that preparation is the key to success.

Being exposed to exam conditions is a whole new experience for children. We are fully aware of common fears that a child may experience before an exam. A situation where a child might struggle to focus or concentrate due to stress causing confusion or even blankness can very easily arise under exam conditions. The child also perceives the presence of real invigilators, the exam environment of having to follow strict rules or the intensity of having to answer challenging questions under timed conditions as additional pressure. By attending our mock examination at one of our centres, we want the child to get a feel for all of the above to allow them to overcome any hurdles.

We also recognize that this is not just a challenge for children, but also overwhelming for parents and that is where we want to get involved and guide by giving you the right mindset and provide everyone with the right level of confidence.

Core Values

Our core values focus on creating an environment where students advancing from primary school to secondary school get an opportunity to:

  • Practice in order to overcome self-set limitations
  • Prepare to perform under pressure
  • Progress allowing them to unveil hidden potential