Many children start their learning long before school time, through interactive activities at nursery, and thereby comprehend the fun nature of understanding how things work. However, it is not until the 11 Plus stage, where they are truly tested on what they have explored. It is a point in time, where they are in a need to call upon their learning and for the first time start implementing principles and theoretical knowledge under timed conditions. This is where the combination of both, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning, is exploited for a particular purpose. It is also the first time they would be put under pressure to perform. Being put under pressure is often perceived as a negative aspect by many. But, children learn that overcoming the pressure and focusing on the end product, is what can bring joy to their life as they are awarded for being able to surpass self set limitations. This can often be perceived by parents as being given a place at a high performing grammar school. Whilst that is a contributing factor, the children themselves will become truly successful in the long term once they start working with the correct attitude, one that makes them believe and one that sets them apart from others. A child transitioning from primary to secondary education with a positive attitude of striving to achieve, will be prepared for the 11 Plus challenge without having to go through private education.

The key to overcoming this ‘First Major Challenge’ is therefore to understand that the outcome of the sustained effort will provide them with many opportunities, to explore their interests at a greater scale, and also realize that educational success will provide them with a platform for a better career and a promising life in future.  

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