Why enrol your child for a mock exam?

Feedback - Performance Assessment

As part of the feedback, parents will be given the ranking of their child, which will be treated with high confidentiality. It will allow parents to benchmark their child’s performance against other children who took the same exam. On top of that, overall statistical information by E2S exam centres will also be provided. The marks that students can achieve will be broken down into individual national 11+ categories. This means, in addition to the overall percentage, they will receive detailed feedback on their performance within each particular category, in the forms of category percentages and charts. This displays areas of strong and weak performance based on percentages by level difficulty.

This feedback will be critical to the progress and development, as parents will be able to monitor areas of excellence and areas of improvement on a regular basis. Furthermore, parents will be able to understand what exercises and practice methods can be completed by their child to improve exam technique. If a child revisits the E2S exam centre on a separate month again, parents can also receive a comprehensive face to face feedback on demand, at any of our exam centres; at least one month after their child sat their exam. Please contact the E2S team to discuss this.

Exam Experience

By attending an E2S exam centre, your child will get an opportunity to familiarize themselves with similar exam conditions, which they will face during their 11+ examinations. This will assist your child to overcome common fears that they may experience when sitting their first crucial academic exam. Compared to when your child is sitting a mock exam at home in their own comfort, sitting it in a simulated exam scenario provides your child with realistic and targeted preparation. In other words, the child will be exposed to the presence of real invigilators, the exam environment of having to follow strict rules and the intensity of having to answer challenging questions, under timed conditions as additional pressure.