Monthly Exam Centres

E2S will host 11+ mock exams for English and Mathematics on a monthly basis in one of the available exam centres as an established method of helping children pass the 11+ entrance exams. If you would like your child to attend one of our exam centres, please go onto Exam Bookings in order to register your child for an 11+ mock exam with us at your preferred exam centre. Each location will host an English and a Mathematics exam which we create ourselves based on currently recognized national 11+ standards.

We are aware that both exam results and subsequent feedback are important to parents in order for them to support their child in progressing up the learning ladder. E2S values exam feedback and prioritises this aspect as one of the key focus areas. Therefore, every child that attends our mock exam centre will be provided with targeted and streamlined feedback highlighting areas of strengths as well as areas for improvements. All feedback will be kept confidential. Our aim is to drive progress and go above and beyond to shape success as we fully embrace the “practice makes perfect” philosophy.

User Account

Our website offers parents multiple methods to contribute to and assess their child’s performance at any convenient time through the User Account feature.

Users will be able to:

  • Update their account information when required
  • Manage online bookings for specific exams that are advertised on our website
  • View targeted exam feedback from the admins team
  • View previously downloaded papers

Exam Paper Database

As providing children with the opportunity to prepare is one of our core values, E2S will make its English and Mathematics exam papers available online for downloads. The papers will be released after the end of all mock exams each month. To find out more about how to download the exam papers, please go onto our Exam Paper Download section


We recognize the importance of parents and children having a clear overall understanding about 11 plus exams. As a result of this, E2S is also focusing on building an interactive support system for parents by providing a platform where parents can guide and support each other over the course of their kids’ 11 plus journey. Please visit our Parents To Parents Forum which has been created with the mindset of inspiring to achieve.